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How to connect case fan molex to 3-pin on mobo?

This may sound silly to all you experts here. This is my 1st build, no experience before, hence this silly question:

Case: Cooler Master Centurion 590

The rear case fan has 2 molex connectors (1 male, 1 female, both 4 pins). The mobo has 2 fan connectors (both 3 pins, those are the real skinny short pins). MoBo manual shows the case fan connectors will go into those 3-pins. But how do I connect those fat molex 4-pin connectors to these 3 skinny pin connectors on the mobo?

Or, do the case fans get connected directly to one of the molex cables coming off the power supply (I have Cooler Master power supply, RS-700-AMBA-D3 700W)?


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  1. I have the same case, connect the front fan to the mobo, the other one to the PSU.
  2. Mosox: Thanks pal. I did just that. BTW, since you have the same case, how did you install the bottom-mounted PSU, the fan facing up, or down? I am not sure if that's an intake, or exhaust fan. If it's intake, then the dilemma is it will suck-up dust from the surface where the case sits. But if it's exhaust, then no problem. Thinking this might be an intake fan, I am looking for a thin dust filter to somehow screw-in at the bottom with the screwed-in rubber feet. Do you know where can I find such thin filter? The one I found has a thick rubber frame around it, making it impossible to install in the bottom of the case (with those round rubber feet).

    Dipankar: Thanks boss for your help. I bought one of those adapters and used the rear case fan to the mobo connector (as I wanted the CPU to control the fan speed). BTW, bangali naki?

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    It's intake and it needs to face down. I don't use a filter.
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