QX9550 or i7 What to do?

Decision time!

I have 2 choices here. P5Q turbo mobo w/QX9650, 8 gb 800mhz RAM DDR2 or GA-ex58-UD4P mobo w/i7 920, 6 gb DDR3 RAM. Aside from the obvious choice of the newer processor. It is my understanding that the QX9650 will run hotter and in turn burn more electricity than the i7. is this true? About 6 months ago I thought I had lost the Gigabyte mobo due to a pet using my computer as a litter box. I wrapped it up and put it away until I could get another mobo. Just for fun I hooked a power supply HDD and video card, loaded Vista and to my amazement it worked. It seems to be working just fine. Now do I go through the trouble of swapping mobos(choices earlier mentioned). Is it worth the time to swap? I also would have to de-authorize some games i play. Please help me with my choice
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    Judge for your self using a Q9650 though but it is the same std configuration as QX9650.
  2. If you overclock then there is a difference in favor of the i7.
  3. Well, again just for fun, I pulled the Nvidia GTX 295 out of storage....... remember the cat incident I spoke of earier........ Video card was hit by cat urine too. Anyway installed it after six months in my closet. It works too. So, I will be putting my monster machine(as I see it) back together.

    Intel i7 920 do
    6 gb ddr3 Ram
    BFG GTX 295 Video card
    60 gb SSD (for OS}
    2 VelociRapter HDD in RAID 0(for Games)
    1 gb HDD (for user files)
    850w Power supply
    Cooler Master 690 case w many fans
  4. I can see you have the budget so get the Intel core i7.
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