PC Can't find Sata card Or new hard drive?

I have a Compaq Presario SR5109UK Desktop. I have added a secondary hard drive. To do so i needed to install a Sata port card. I installed a 2 port 6gbps PEXSAT32 ( also seems to be known as Marvell91xx ).My pc cannot find the card, so obiously it can't find the hard drive either.I am not by any means a computer expert. I have googled the problem, but i can't find a solution. Under device mamager the card does not show up. But it was installed perfectly....
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  1. Do you install the driver for the PEXSAT32 after you install it on the MB?

    You can get the driver from company website or the CD comes w/ it.
  2. Hi....The card came with an installation cd which i put in when prompted. And after it was finished it said that it was sucessfully installed. The manual tells me to go to computer, manage, device management...But my card does not appear there.....................Please bare in mind i am not an advanced computer user.....I simple installed as instructed. I bought the second drive as i was out of space on my master...But obiously now i cannot access my secondary drive because my pc cannot locate the Sata Port Card......Thank you in advance for any and all help.....
  3. You can try to take out the card then reset it. Try to download the driver from the company website, because the driver comes w/ the card is usually outdated. If you still can't see it in the device management, then some other member will help you or call the company.
  4. Thanks.......How do i reset it...Just by removing it and reinserting it???....With power off of course.....Will it look for the CD again?......Thanks for you help....Much apprechiated....
  5. Yes, remove it and reinsert it into the PCI. But I just find out from newegg.com someone say don't work too. So if the card is still not work you need to call the company or RMA.

    I am not the add-in card fan, if you only need more storage driver and I recommend get one of those (USB to IDE/SATA adapter) + HDD.

  6. I took your advice. I downloaded an up to date driver. The card is now installed and showing, and woking properly...Thank you so much......Now i have the new problem that i can't find the hard drive...I followed the instructions of going to AD min tools & disk management. But it is not there. Any advice on this issue....Thanks again for all your help...
  7. You need go to control panel>administrative tool>computer management>disk management> click the HDD (not the C driver) and then format, (before you format the HDD saving the file to other one if you have something on it)), after format the HDD, it will show up.

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