PC can't find new secondary hard drive

Hi. I installed a new Sata Port Card & and new Hard drive. The card was a whole other problem, but is now. Properly installed and showing on My Computer. However i cannot access the new secondary hard drive.. I have followed the intructions i read about, going to Admin tools, Disk management. But it is not showing there......Any and all advice would be greatly apprechiated....Please bare in mind, i am a very basic computer user. I will ask for "The idiots Guide" type answers if thats ok.........
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  1. Thanks again. I have been doing similar as the video requires. But in the video, after you press Disk management, he gets a pop up window "initilize disk"...I don't get this......I imagine this is where my problem lies and i can't proceed as the video says........
  2. Someone has suggested i might need to run Sata As IDE....I literally have no idea what IDE is...................Sorry.
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