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I have built three Gigabyte (AMD) pc builds and I am looking forward to my 1st Gigabyte (Intel) build. My question is, Does Gigabyte have a motherboard (LGA 1366) with on board video ? If not what type of video card would it support (ATI and/or NVIDIA) ? Ed
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  1. Gigabyte boards are pretty good. I don't think X58 have onboard IGP's. But the brand of GPU really doesn't matter. It fits all.
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    In the X58 chipset that Gigabyte uses for their socket 1366 doesn’t support IGP (Intergraded Graphics on Processor). The reason for this is that none of the 1st generation Intel® Core™ i7-9XX processors have any IGP. The X58 chipset and with a quick look at Gigabytes X58 boards support SLI and Crossfire so you would be able to use nVidia and AMD video cards without a problem.

    Do you mind if I ask you why you are going to with the 1st generation Intel Core processors (like the Intel Core i7-9XX)? If you are going to you building this system for anything but the highest end performance on video/audio or some other heavily multi-threaded application you might want to think about moving to the 2nd generation Intel Core processors (like the Intel Core i5-2500K). The 2nd generation Intel Core processors will give you better performance than the 1st generation Intel Core processors. For gaming the Intel Core i5-2500K is about the best processor that you can buy right now. Also with the Intel Core i5-2500K you are able to overclock this processor and with a good air cooler you can reach 4.5GHz or more, but make sure that if you do overclock that you pick up a good 3rd party HSF (heatsink/fan).

    Matching the Intel Core i5-2500K up with a good P67 or Z68 board will give you a great set up to base your future system around. Also with the memory you are going to want to make sure that you get DDR3 1333 or 1600 that is 1.5v or lower. Using the 1.65v memory can damage your processor and void your warranty.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
    (edited to make it easier to read.)
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  4. The X58 chipset is designed for the enthusiast’s space because of this Intel® didn't include any support within the chipset to run intergraded graphics. So all of the X58 boards have a PCI-e 16x which will support both nVidia and AMD video cards. As a matter of fact Gigabyte's X58 boards will also support Crossfire and SLI so you can go with whichever of the cards that you like best.

    Now for the 2nd generation Intel Core™ processors (like the Intel Core i5-2500K) do have an IGP (Intergraded Graphics on Processor) that can be used on most H67 or Z68 boards (some of Gigabyte’s Z68 boards don’t support IGP). With the 2nd generation Intel Core processors the improved microarchitecture of gives a performance increases over the older generation processors by about 15%. You can see how the Intel Core i5-2500K (maybe the best gaming CPU) vs. Intel Core i7-970 here

    So if you change over to the Intel Core i5-2500K and match it up with a Z68 board like Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD3R you will pick a better overall performing system and the ability to use the IGP to save money or add in a video card later.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
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