PC won't find WD Cavair Green Sata Drive

I have tried all previous advice. When i go to disk management, i do not get a pop up window "Initilize disk", and this drive does not appear in the listings........I have checked and the Sata drive does not have to be changed to "a slave".......It is connected to a Sata port card in the mother board. Which was installed at the same time, and is showing as installed properly and working.........I am totally confused...Please help
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  1. You never get a popup. You just need to locate your drive in disk management, right-click and select "initialize". If it isn't showing up in disk management, either the drive is defective, or the hardware isn't fully installed. The first thing to check for is that the drive shows up in the bios. Even if you use an addon sata card, the card should initialize at power up and report any drives attached to it, at least on non-EUFI motherboards.
  2. Not showing up at Bios..................I hate computers.
  3. campbell said:
    Not showing up at Bios..................I hate computers.

    I feel your pain. I think your add in card is bad or improperly installed. Try some other drives that are known good.
  4. Can you have more info on the board you have as well as the SATA card?
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