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I recently bought a Compaq Presario CQ62-219WM Laptop which only came with a Celeron 2.2ghz 1mb cache single core. I did my research and found a core 2 duo 2.2 ghz 2mb cahe same socket voltage etc on Ebay and installed it today. Runs like a dream! Damn HP would help, nor intel because they didn't know with HP's Bios if an upgrade would work, but it did!
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  1. Great, enjoy!
  2. Do you know if this has a feature like cool n quiet where frequency, multiplier etc drops while not under a load?
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    It should have Intels speed step which is their equivalent.
  4. Ok, thats why it does that then. Cool beans man. Strange when I booted right after install it didn't say anything about a hardware change like normal desktops do, just booted right up no problems!
  5. I have swapped out CPU's in desktops with out getting that message, even ones I swapped out a mobo with nforce 3 for a nforce 4 from the same manufacturer and windows did not notice the hardware change.
  6. thats cool. I am pretty happy though, I mean a wal-mart special is now a perfect laptop for what I need. Gets a tad warmer but nothing too serious. I used some Zero-Therm thermal paste that I used on my AMD build. Shes running good though. Next step 4gb or ram, currently 2gb
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