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Hi All,

I am planning to build a gaming rig for myself finally. I have chosen most components after much research/deliberation, and hope it works well together. Plan is to build on this build bit by bit in the future.

I am looking for your inputs/suggestions so i can move on to actually ordering the stuff.

S.No Component Spec Link % Cost
1 MoBo Asrock 890GX Extreme3
2 CPU AMD Phenom II X3 720 Black Edition
3 RAM GeIL GV3 4GB 1333 C9DC
4 Video 1GB HD4670
5 Case Cooler Master Storm Scout ATX
7 CPU cooler to be bought later.
8 HDD Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD502HJ, 500GB,%20500GB
9 Optical LG GH 24 NS Black
10 WI-fi

My questions/doubts are the folowing :
1. PSU - what sort of PSU should i go for in terms of rating ? 400-550w ? budget of 60-70eurs
2. GPU - should i go for 2x512mb CF or 1x1gb ? eithre choice within a max budget of 100-110euros
3. Wi-fi - what kind of card should i go for here ?
4. ASrock 890gx Mobo, what is your opinion on this choice. I read a few reviews about it not POSTing.
5. The case is one i have selected based on the budget and reviews. Do let me know if you think there are better ones in the price range of 60-70 euros.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you out there. God knows i need the help.

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  1. If you go back into the new build section at the very top theres a thread that has a template on how to ask for new build advice. If you fill it out & post it here we will have all the info we need to help you.
  2. Thanks moe112

    APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: This week if all goees well. Within 2 weeks for sure.

    BUDGET RANGE: Total 650 Euros

    SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: gaming - Mainly, surfing the internet, watching movies

    PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers

    PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: (e.g.:, -- to show us selection & pricing)

    COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Netherlands

    PARTS PREFERENCES: AMD CPU for sure, to be used with 24inch LCd (not bought as yet)

    OVERCLOCKING: Maybe. Haven't done it before but will give it a try in a while.


    MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1600x1200, later to 1080p

    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Quite PC / Elegant and not too showy/ should be able to handle most of current games with very high detail.
  3. Ok, last thing we will need a website you are going to purchase from.
  4. i will need to source it from multiple websites/outlets. Did not post it bcos the site is in Dutch.
  5. Dont worry about it being in dutch trusty google will translate it well enough for us to use it. the reason why we will need the site is because pricings may be diffrent for example an $800usd build could be 1000 euros because of parts pricing.
  6. Hey moe112, done. actually i found the corresponding links on Newegg just to make clearer :). But it seems i underestimated Google :0.

    1 MoBo Asrock 890GX Extreme3
    2 CPU AMD Phenom II X3 720 Black Edition
    3 RAM GeIL GV3 4GB 1333 C9DC
    4 Video 1GB HD4670
    5 Case Cooler Master Storm Scout ATX
    6 PSU
    7 CPU cooler to be bought later.
    8 HDD Samsung Spinpoint F3 HD502HJ, 500GB
    9 Optical LG GH 24 NS Black
    10 WI-fi

    I take the price including delivery and from shops which have the item on stock.
  7. Ok, now this is what i would recommend.
    1. Mobo is fine

    2. Cpu is fine but if your planning on unlocking the 4th core remember it might not work.

    3. That RAM isn't that good I would go this insted remember your looking for lower timings as well as high frequency.

    4. Well for gaming that video card isn't suited well this , a 5770 is much better for gaming.

    5. case is fine but have you considered maybe the Cooler master HAF 922 OR the CM 690 II OR even the Lancool PC-K58 all in the same budget, look great & have really good cable-mangement.

    6. The Corsair TX650W (or TX750 if you can fit it in you budget, overkill but future proof) is a great power supply, and if you want to crossfire a second 5770 later on it can handle that fine.

    7. a good budget cpu cooler is the coolermaster hyper 212+

    8. fine

    9. fine

    10. I'm not that familier with wifi/ network cards maybe someone else will ba able to help you there.

    Total 700 euros with out network card. If you get the lancool PC-K58 you can save a little, and spend the left over on a network card. I think overall it's worth the extra but that is up to you, you could bring it under budget by getting a 5670 and the lancool case but honestly I'd save up the extra and get the 5770.
  8. Thanks a bunch moe112.

    1.About the Mobo, i was a bit shaken after i read a couple of user comments that said it was not reliable etc. etc.

    2. I was also considering moving up a bit to the AMD Phenom II X4 945, is that a good choice if i can stretch my budget a little. And you are right i was counting on being able to unlock the 4h on the ph II 720 BE. Couple of questions though, if i try unlocking and it doesnt work/is not stable, can i just go back to running 3 cores ?
    Second, question i have is will the ph II 720 be able to keep up with the video card, or will it be the bottleneck ?
    Also i find three ph II 945's in the same range. What are the differences between them ?

    3. Thanks. changed it to th cl7 model.

    4. Point taken. How about the 5750's ? is that better than the 5670.

    5. rEally liked the 690 II. Will probably be going in for that.

    6. Seems to be a bit expensive. But do i need a 650/750watt PSU ? I mean i was think more along max 550 watts, just to understand why u said 750w thats all .

    How about OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W its modular as well -
    CM 750GX (really like this one)
    CM 650x

    7, 8 and 9 - will be check it out
  9. I found these links very handy

    . And in both cases the requirements/recomendation for the PSU was under 600watts.
  10. Thanks for that link it really will be useful.

    1. The reviews of newegg are genrally people who might get a bad piece and want to vent their fustration. Every company will sometimes ship out a part that isn't working it's unavoidable, but if you do happen to get a bad part send it back and get a new one. if your still not convinced try googleing "Asrock 890GX Extreme3 review".

    2. If you can afford it why not, in terms of unlocking the 4th core if it doesn't work, it wont effect the cpu performance in any way. What I meant by it might not work is "Dont hold your breath" it will work. In terms of bottlenecking in current games no, because alot of current games do not fully utilize the 4th core on cpu's for future games possibly, but if you can fit the Phenom II X4 into your budget then get it, you might not notice it in games but multitasking utilizes as many cores you have.

    3. No problem

    4. The 5770 really is better than both the 5670 & 5750, and yes the 5750 is better than the 5670, & if I'm not mistaken I remember seeing the 5750 at the same price as the 5770.

    5. 690 II really is a nice case.

    6. The reason why I recomended corsair is because you cant go wrong with them, I said 750w to future proof your system incase you feel that the graphics isn't enough you can then crossfire the gpu of your choice. Stay away from most coolermaster psu aside from their silent pro series everything else is bad. The ModXStream will work, In terms of power supply's it's hard to seperate the good from the bad I like to read reviews about them, google "(insert name of power supply) review" it really helps.

    Bottom line if you can afford the phenom II x4 get them you definately wont regret it. sorry for the long replies.
  11. moe112, thanks lot for the support and information.
    finally changed things around to this build. I ve just put htem together yesterday seems to be working fine.

    CPU : Phenom II 955 BE
    GPU : Sapphire HD5770 1GB
    MOBO : Asrock 870 Extreme 3 (since i thought im getting a good GPU in any case and it soupports x8 x8 crossfire for later. n pooled in some of the money for the CPU, which dropped in price just a day before i ordered it - which was bloody awesome timing)

    CASE : CM 690 II Basic
    RAM : Geil 2x2GB 1333mhz CL:7
    PSU : CM gx750, i think really i screwed up here, (i was even hoping it didn't work ill have to RMA it, but it did :), i should have gonein for a Seasonic/Antec EW's)

    OS : Windows 7 64bit
    CPU cooler : arctic cooling freezer 64 (old but was really cheap and just needed an after market one, till i can get a better one.)

    What do you think , .. ?
  12. Looks good, but the first thing you wanna do when upgrading is replace that psu. Aside from that it's fine, congrats on the build & have fun.
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