ATI Firepro 2460

AM thinking of getting this card and connecting to 4 32 inch LCD monitors. This card has 4 mini dp output, but my displays only has VGA input. Will any mini dp->vga convertor work?
Also, since the 4 lcd will be placed in portrait mode, id suppose this card can achieve this too?
Thanks very much!
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  1. What's the resolution?

    Likely you will need 4 active dp adapters. Passive might work on 2 if they're low res enough, but unlikely 4 even at low res.

    For typical 32" res, all 4 will need to be active in any case.
  2. Its 1368x768 or somewhere around there. Not those high rez monitor. Also, ive got a mini dp- vga connector that i use with my macbook pro. this adaptor is so call "original Apple" adaptor, is this an active one or passive? . I connected my macbook pro with this adaptor to the 32 inch and it works, just worry the ati 2460 connector is different in someway to my laptop's dp
  3. The Macbook adapters were passive, and you might be able to use it on 2 outputs with the resolution yours using you don't need active for those two, but anything more than 2 runs out of RAMDACs so you need an active adapter to add timing signals for the display, so you might be able to do 2 passive two active, but I would check with the single passive one you already have and see what happens. And if you wanna test, then you need 2 actives anyways, so get those, try them with your Mac adapter, and then get another passive if that works.
  4. Thanks very much. Could u gimme a link to a active ones, can't seem to find them. Appreciate all the help guys.
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