I posted earlier on building a High Performance system for our trading environment. Having just returned from a very long business trip to the UK we are revisiting the specs.

Instead of a single system to handle both the trading and analysis we'll be building 2 separate systems:
1. A trading system that will only have the OS, real-time charting and real-time trading applications loaded;

2. A real-time number crunching and data analysis system, with neural-network applications, Mathematica, MatLab, etc, and OS loaded. There will be no games and the only internet connections are to the brokerage and to the real-time, high-speed data feeds. (This system will have a multi-core GPU for on-the-fly, real-time, high-speed processing).

I was thinking of using a small (60GB) SSD for the boot-drive containing the Win7 Pro OS and drivers, a larger (256GB) SSD to house the applications and a 1TB HDD for data and storage.

For all of the Storage Guru's, does this make sense? All OS and app installations will be fresh installs with no cloning of drives. I apologize if this has been answered before, but our need may be fairly unique.

The top requirement for the Trading system is Reliability.

The top requirements for the analysis system are Reliability and Performance.

Money will be on the line here, and we almost made a few mistakes on the overall system design, so we're going back over everything to make sure the systems do what we want, the way we want.

I hope that all of this makes sense.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions.
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More about boot drive drive please
  1. Why don't you hire a professional to work out the details and build the system for you - you know, money will be on the line there...
  2. We did look at professional designs and found that most if not all of the recommendations were upgraded consumer machines, using consumer parts. There was little or no sensitivity for our niche or requirements.

  3. that makes absolutely no sense, because ALL computer parts are Consumer parts

    or did you mean they were not "enterprise level" - which is mainly for servers

    the reason your post rubs me the wrong way is because I know your intent is to use it for business that I'm sure has a budget to get it done professionally - I'm one of many here that is more than qualified to answer every one of your points. there's people out of work who can build such machines, that would love to have your money to pay for their food and rent... just my $0.02
  4. Dingo,

    Sorry if my post rubbed you the wrong way. Not a lot I can do about that.

    You're right parts are parts. Reliable at the enterprise level is a lot different than at the home/gamer level. Perhaps that's one of the reasons that Xeon processors are used in enterprise servers as opposed to core i7. I'm no expert on that, just a guess.

    We have the money to do this job because we're frugal and spend it wisely. We hired people in the past to do work for us (we're not big, but we do what we do well with just a few of us) in the past, and did not find the level of expertise that we were looking for. For example, hiring a software developer to write trading applications for us is more than just coding. A developer that understands neural-nets, statistical inference engines, signal processing AND is a trader is a lot different than hiring someone to just code. So I write most of the code and have a small group of contractors that work with me to learn the nuances that we're looking for so that I can eventually hand the tasks off to them.

    Along the same lines, hiring someone to design a computer system, for us is more than just assembling parts. I'm sure there are capable people out there to do this work. But again, our experience has not been great. We rushed the first set of specs and almost got burned because of it. That's why I drilling down on this. We'll take our time so that we ask the right questions to get what we need. In the case of the hardware, "we don't know what we don't know" in a few instances. If this is the wrong place to ask questions, or if my questions are phrased incorrectly let me know and I'll find somewhere else to ask them or ask another way.

    Ours is a complex environment from professional, computing and technical perspectives and is mentally and emotionally demanding. Reliable and high-performance processing is our life blood.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  5. Maybe doing a RAID 5? But then the point of failure will be on the motherboard/controller.
  6. Thanks for responding rgd,

    I'm looking at using a SUPERMICRO X9SRA for the analysis platform. Looks like a very reliable board.
  7. I'm a noob here, but have a fair amount of system and software experience and it looks like I may have inadvertently rubbed some the wrong way with my post.

    I thought that this was an open site dedicated to helping those in need of answers. I looked at a lot of posts and felt that my question was a simple one.

    It turns out that just because we have a business and probably "have a budget to hire a professional" to design and build our rigs, that I shouldn't be on here asking questions. Talk about a cold shower!

    Up until now I thought that this was a cool site. How we choose to spend our money is our business. Most of the posts that I've read seek advise, or want to get the most for the money spent, and the replies have been given in that light.

    If non-gaming business people are not welcome let us know.
  8. Y don't u start with posting the parts, like the motherboard above, that you already know u want to use. Why did u choose that motherboard over the other 10 or so flavors?
  9. I guess the question is how reliable does it have to be...

    Will drives in a mirroring raid array be enough or do you need a backup server?

    I think I would choose parts that are geared towards enterprise... Spendy but reliable.

    Don't know if you need a SSD for the OS and one for your programs... If you have an error and need to re install. An install from a backup is best. You get up and running right away.

    My 2 cents!
  10. Thanks Dingo, rgd and rsky for the responses. I think that I found something that answers my question

    Best wishes to you all.

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