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We're attempting a new set up at work soon, which will involve a few networks which I'll outline below:

Firstly, there will be 3 computers (A, B and C) all connected to a switch (file switch) along with a NFS, which will all need to be able to read and write to files on the NFS.

Secondly, computer A will need to be connected to another switch (till switch) which will also be connected to 3 till terminals. Only computer A must have access to the till switch and corresponding tills.

Computer B must also be able to connect to another network (network H), but any other computers on network H must have no access to computer B or anything beyond it.

Computer C must only have access to the files on the NFS.

We currently have one network switch (till switch) and plan on buying another to act as the file switch. We will also be running Windows 7, as it will most likely ship with the new machines.

Will we need to purchase any additional software of hardware in order to be able to run this set up as I have described, or will the OS have sufficient means to deal with this kind of arrangement? Also, are there any slightly more viable alternatives to this (probably highly convoluted) set up?

I appreciate any help on this.

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  1. Fairly certain that windows will not act as a router, if you don't tell it to (for example internet connection sharing). Put the 2 network adapters on PC A on different subnets and you should be OK there. Same for computer B if I understand the question correctly.
  2. That all sounds fairly reassuring to me - I reckon you've got the right scenario in mind.

    I also assume - after ensuring the correct security measures are carried out - that it shouldn't make any difference if the networks are cabled or wireless...?

    My main concern really is that we'll have a very limited time to make the change over, so we'd need to be certain that we have all the necessary components to make it work to a relatively agreeable degree. Security measures can be enforced at a later date - provided that it is merely a software issue; but obviously we'd rather avoid any issues like that.
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