BSOD Help, Possibly hard drive related?

Hello internet, I just got a new hard drive (WD Black 1 TB) and recently cloned my extremely clean and stable Windows 7 x64 OS onto it. Three days later, I've had 2 BSODs. I haven't actually seen either of them, but both times I left my computer running for an hour or so and when I got back Windows Startup Repair was running and had failed to automatically fix the installation. Of course, just booting it again brought it back to life easily, and when I logged back on, my custom theme was gone (I've been using the theme for months now, that's not the problem) and I had an error saying something about a BlueScreen having occured. Here are the log file it directed me to. Any help? Causes? Good excuse to get rid of this hard drive (it's a bit noisy for my liking.)
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  1. Hello,

    might turn off the reboot on system crash, so you can see, and write down the BSOD description, the hex ID number, and any information about any possible driver involvement.

    There is also a small program you can download and install called Who Crashed by Resplendance.
    When you have a BSOD, you can run the program and it will read the minidmp file and tell you the possible cause of the stop error.
    Here is the website:

    As long as the Crashdump file is stored in System Properties as a Minidump, it can give you some important information.
    It could be from the new HDD, or a video driver that needs updating, or many other causes.

    You can also look in your Event Viewer under Custom Views \ Administrative Events, and it may give you critical information as to the cause of the Critical Error.
  2. Okay well event veiwer says the BSOD code is 0x0000000a
    ... What does that mean?
  3. The Stop Error 0x0000000A usually means you have a faulty device driver. Here is the MS info sheet that discusses it in more detail.

    If you run "Who Crashed" it may well even tell you which device driver is causing the problem, making it easy to get the proper driver.
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