E machine wont recognize hard drive

My computer unexpactedly shut down, i started it back up it wont reboot , doesnt recognize my hard drive and wont open the recovery cd, says its a bad command or file. I put in a new western hard drive and it wont recognize that either. any ideas????
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  1. Try resetting your bios to default settings other then that check all the connections.
  2. tried to reset bios, how would you suggest I do this with an e machine? this is the first experience trying to fix a problem with an e machine so far... very frustrating Hmmmm..... also it shows on the screen when I hit ,alt cntrl, delete , phoenix bios 4.0 released 6.0 at the top of screen and then furture down that- system bios shadowed and the -video bios shadowed any other info I can give you to help Thanks to all out their in advance to help me throu this problem!!! and thank you SAAIELLO
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