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Hello, I'm looking to build my first gaming computer and I'm looking for some expert advice. I know there are probably a lot of posts like this on these forums but I;m looking for some very specific advice.
I've put my budget at around $1000 but I'm willing to go a little higher if the reasons are compelling enough. The parts I've chosen now add up to %1050.

Anyways i'm going for an i5 750 build. Here is what i'm looking at so far:

Cooler Master Case:

Asus P7P55D Pro LGA motherboard:

MSI R5770 gpu with crossfire:

corsair 750w psu:


4gigs ripjaws ram:


1TB Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive:


LG DVD Burner:

Cooler Master CPU Cooler:


Anyways I just want to know if this seems like a decent setup.

I know it's a bit cpu/motherboard heavy for a gaming computer but I plan on getting another video card when i need it. But on that note, is the motherboard enough to handle two of these graphics cards? Or would i be better off with just one really good video card instead of crossfire?

Also, i should note that i am planning on overclocking the cpu, and possibly the video card as well. (probably without messing around with the stock voltages). Is my power supply overkill?

Anyways, any suggestions would be much appreciated. I'm still learning, so feel free to rip into me.
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  1. well your links don't work

    but i would say switch the case for Antec 300 illusion

    i was gonna say your PSU is overkill but you plan on xfire and OCing so you will need 750...... but an energy efficient 700 watt PSu will cut it too even with xfire

    anyway i would say crossfire two 5770 if you want, it will give you good results

    and good job picking your parts :D
  2. newegg got hot deals on the OCZ modxstream 700watt - It's $60 after rebates, and you can combo it with a free DVDrw with litescribe. It's running my 955 and 460SLI just fine. I'd check it out!
  3. yes that PSU would work fine for two 5770s in Xfire and OCed
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