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So I have a harddrive that recently went all commando and stopped working. It won't load windows and stops at a dos prompt with the "Error loading Operating System" message. If I try to boot from my windows 7 cd it freezes at the bluish screen with the big white mouse cursor (beginning of install screen I guess you can call it). So my question is, can this harddrive be salvaged and/or can my data be recovered? Thanks.
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  1. Depends on what happened to the drive and how much you are willing to spend to fix it. Just about any drive can have it's data saved, but a professional data recovery would start at a few hundred and go up from there.

    Try the drive as a secondary in another PC, see if it sees it that way.
  2. So the drive is showing up in BIOS as well as in Computer Management. However, it's showing it as unallocated, but online. Is there a way I can save this drive and use it once again?

    Also shows up in device manager and says the device is working properly.
  3. If the computer sees it, you can try to use testdisk to recover partition info.
  4. so i was able to get some info and found my drive in Computer Management. I ended up formatting my drive to make it usable once more. I'm guessing since I "formatted" it this way all data is lost forever? please feel free to correct me if i'm wrong!
  5. You can use a data recovery software to try to get your data back. Recuva works pretty well.

    If you tried testdisk first, you may have been able to avoid having to format it.
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