What's my CPU speed?


I have a 5-year old Packard Bell EasyNote E4710 (shown here: http://www.packardbellweb.co.uk/). The CPU is Intel Pentium M 710 1.40GHz (Centrino), 1 core.
According to CPU-Z the core speed is 595.5 MHz, the Multiplier is x 6.0, bus speed 99.2 MHz and the Rated FSB is 397.0 MHz.

What is the rate of my CPU? Why is it called a 1.4GHz CPU?

Sorry for the stupid question, but I will appreciate if someone answered it.
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  1. Its a power saving feature to help with the life of systems and more so on the carbon foot print.

    Less power the CPU draws, the more you save in electricity basically.
  2. Your CPU does run a 1.4GHz, but like the others said, when your CPU is not doing much, it automatically makes itself slower so that it saves energy
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