BSOD possibly related to RAM.

I built a computer back in 2008 and everything runs right except that sometimes it just crashes. Now the error codes are always related to RAM. The funny part is in the past once the logs piled up a bit, the BSOD would stop completely. However I recently added 1x2GB of RAM and a 750GB HD. So what I did was check the RAM first. I ran extensive tests with memtest and there was no problems. Then I checked the HD for errors and came up with nothing.

Reading up on RAM issues I found out that sometimes the BIOS incorrectly gives you wrong voltage on the "Auto" setting and it turns out probably since 2008, I have been running my RAM at 1.98V-2V. They should be running at 1.8V. So upon contacting Gigabyte I got really stupid replies meaning that I'm probably on my own and you folks. Gigabyte said to run 1 stick, that I should leave it on "Auto" and that I mixed RAM (which I didn't). My system is as follows:

OS: Windows Vista 32-bit Service Pack 2
RAM: 4GB total DDR2800 1x2GB, 2x1GB same timings, everything is the same, timings are 5-5-5-18
GPU: GTX 260
CPU: Intel Quad Core Q6600 2.4GHz
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R V2.0
HD: 1x500GB, 1x700GB running in SATA

Sometimes a game will lock-up, crash, or my computer will just BSOD. I also flashed my BIOS in hopes that I could manually lower the voltage however there is only a "OverVoltage" option.
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  1. So you have 3 sticks of ram? Are you aware that you cannot run in dual channel mode with 3 sticks? You need 2 or 4 sticks.

    What ram is it? (model number)

    Usually s775 boards default to 1.8v and you have to raise the voltage for higher voltage memory, never seen it the other way around like your saying.
  2. Well to run it in dual channel mode I put the 2, 1GB sticks in slot 1, 2 and the 2GB stick in the 4th slot. The BIOS says that it's running in dual channel mode. A-DATA AD2U800B1G5-DRH is the RAM model #.
  3. One "bank may be running in dual channel but the other has only one DIMM and cannot be in dual channel.

    Therefore you are running your memory in two different modes and errors are likely if not inevitable.
  4. Ahhh ok. Luckily my mobo supports a technology called "Flex Memory Technology" I'll check it out and see if it solves the problem. Just a minor Q: is this mode slower than dual channel? From what I read it solves the problem of what I have and still keep the same speeds. 2GB will always be slower than 4GB anyways.
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