250W PSU -- Raedon HD 4650

Hello everybody,

I own a Dell 530s with the 250W PSU. I am looking to upgrade my video card and have done some research, but thought I'd get your guys opinions.

A lot of people say this is a good choice :

but I found this one here:

would my system have any problem running the 1GB card vs. the 512MB?

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  1. there wont be any problem running 1gb card but that card isn't powerful enough to use 1gb video ram so its better to get a 512MB since 1 GB is a waste of RAM
  2. I would get a HD 5670 512MB if you can spend around $90. It basically consumes about the same amount of power as the older HD 4650, but is roughly 30% more powerful than the HD 4670.

    The HD 5570 uses even less power and it's performance is roughly equivalent to the HD 4670.

    I'll assume the HD 5450 is a near equivalent to the HD 4650.


    This is a gaming review of the HD 5670 512MB:

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