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I'm planning to buy an ASUS M4A89TD PRO/USB3 motherboard along with a 5870 and a 1090T(my preference) for my gaming rig. The only thing that I haven't decided on yet is the RAM. As of now, I'm not planning on doing any overclocking/xfire/sli, but I might in the future. With that said, does anyone have any good suggestions for this particular build? I'm looking for a 2x2GB DDR3 set of RAM. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Google your chip and Mobo, what speeds do they both support?
    be wary though, I bought 2 X3 435's mine supports 1600, my Gf's only supports 1333 so it might be worth waiting till you have the chip and can google its numbers off the top for tech info
    G.skill ripjaws seem to be a popular recommendation at the moment on here though
  2. According to Newegg, it supports DDR3 2000(O.C.)/1600/1333/1066
  3. I'd say go for a 1600Mhz set then, and if your going on Win7 64bit, you can also use a flashdrive to boost the ram a bit using readyboost till you can afford more sticks, although 4Gb is plenty for gaming atm
  4. Okay I've narrowed my choices down to these 2:


    The second one has a better timing and runs .5 volts less than the first one. Would anyone recommend buying the second one for $15 more for a little bit more of performance or it wouldn't really make a difference?
  5. My IT group at work gave me a Xeon system the other day with XP 64. The builder said they tried out different Ram and didn't see any improvement with the higher speed between 1066 (I think, may have been 1333) and 2000. I didn't ask any questions, so there could be extenuating circumstances, but, I think I'd go for more RAM before I'd go for faster.
  6. This G.Skill ECO series kit has the same timings as your 1st kit, but runs at a much lower voltage than the 2nd kit.

    @23mike, there's little difference unless you overclock the processor. Even then, you're not going to see a huge improvement except on benchmarks, but just sticking them in and running them stock, there's not going to be a noticeable difference in day-to-day work.

    However, there's not much reason to get more than 4 GB of RAM for a gaming rig, as no games have a use for more than that currently. Going up to 8 GB will have even less of an effect on your gaming than getting faster memory.
  7. On both of those sets reviews, it says optimised for intel,and they default to 1333Mhz for amd set ups so be ready to play in bios with your settings for optimum performance,
    The set Coldsleep suggested has an amd reviewer who has had success with them, and as he says they use less power, I say grab 4Gb of those and have fun building :)
  8. Optimized for Intel is just marketing-speak for "runs at 1.65V or less". Don't worry about it.
  9. handy to know, ty Cold :)
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