Upgrade from a 4850 to a GTX 260

Hey everyone, I have been out of the loop a bit on hardware and would appreciate a bit of advice.

I have a custom built machine with a Phenom 2 X3 720, 4 gigs of DDR2 800, and a motherboard with PCI-E 2.0.

Currently I am running an HD4850 512MB video card and I got an offer to buy a GTX 260 for $120.

Here's the deal, I know that it would be a bit of a performance boost but the thing that concerns me is that the 260 is not the revision, so it's not the core 216. It's the old one.

I am running a 1080p monitor and everything I play runs at full settings without a hitch. Is it worth $120 to upgrade from my 4850 to an old GTX260?
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  1. If all you're looking to do is upgrade for the sake of saying you upgraded, save your money. You're not going to have a better gaming experience if you're already playing "at full settings without a hitch."
  2. Nah, I was going to upgrade because a friend upgraded to a 5850 and wants to get rid of his old card.

    Question 2. Is the 260 worth $120? I know someone else who is running onboard video and he will need a card for SC2. Would it be a good deal for him?
  3. $120 might be a touch on the high side for the 192 core flavor. Checked ebay completed listings and looks like the 216 core varied from $110-$140. StarCraft II won't need that much power either. A much less expensive GPU will do the trick. So unless you want PhysX, I wouldn't worry about getting the 260. If you do, sell you're 4850 down and pay for half the 260, though that still doesn't seem like a good value transaction for you in the end.
  4. Thanks a ton, guys. When I worked in a tech shop, I got paid to stay up to date on this.

    Now that I'm out of the industry, I'm out of the loop. I will let the guy know that I will pass.
  5. I'm just going to tell my buddy to go buy a 4770. Those look like they are going for about $100 and I'm sure that will play SC2 with his quad core just fine.
  6. If you can get the 260 for $100, that would beat the 4770. But what kind of PSU does your friend have. If this is a prebuilt, might be limited in what they can get.
  7. It's a prebuilt HP Media center pc. I think it has like a 400 watt. There is no way in hell the 260 will run on that, so I think I will suggest he head the ATI 4000 series way.
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