Notebook CPU

T4200 vs P7350

same clock speed 2.0Ghz
Cache: 1MB / 3MB

i want to know, which one is better? (don't mention the price because i've both systems and i've to choose one and the other one give to my little sister)

other spec:
RAM: 2Gb ddr2 vs 2gb ddr3
graphic: nvidia 105M vs 9400M

i'm just for net suffing and light gaming at low or medium quality (just WOW, CNC general and old Counterstrike 1.5, 1.6 and other small games)

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  1. they have just very performance difference (less than 10%) but the price is so differ in the new models (i think as much as usd100 or more)

    what's the real advantage of centrino over pentium.
  2. Centrino is a code name for the platform (chip set features)
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