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I purchased a DEL 2950 server on Dec 2007 with 3 years NBD and now warranty is getting over by Dec 2010. I want to take NBD for another 3 Years but one of my vendors told me that DEL will provide NBD only for maximum 5 years from the purchase date which mean I will get NBD for only 2 years. Kindly help me to get clarify my confusion.
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  1. Do you know who would be able to help you most? Dell. Call Dell or email them and they will be able to clarify things for you 100% and they will be able to guarantee that what they are saying is the truth.
  2. They don't go beyond 5 yrs because they cannot be sure they will have the required parts . . . technology does change. Without the old parts, they'd have to upgrade you to new technology. They'd rather you buy a new machine, which by then is probably a good idea.
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