Will SATA 3 controller max out PCI-E v2 x1 socket ?

Motherboard: GA-P35-DQ6
PCI-Express: version 2.x
Onboard controler: Intel (SATA 300)
New SSD: Kingston HyperX 3K (SATA 600)

Just looking at expansion options for my system, wanting to add a SATA 600 SSD, Kingston Hyper X 3K

I have a spare PCI-E x1 SATA 600 controller card (startech pexsat32) Is it worth installing this into my motherboard's x1 socket - the board is only PCI-Express v2, so this means I'll only see 500MB/s on the x1 socket ?

I suppose it would be preferrable than putting the SSD into the existing SATA 300 socket on the motherboard?
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  1. Connect the SSD to the SATA II on the MB, because the add-in card don't work well in some case. Your controller card is better work on the HDD but not for SSD, you need a pci-e X4 to get the maximum performance from the SSD.
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