System Freeze When Opening A Game

Hello Guys,

I am seriously struggling with this hair pulling problem with a pc i built for a friend. Its Specs are:
HAF X Case
Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5 REV 3.1
Corsair HX1000
Crossfire XFX HD 6970
8GB G Skill Ripjaws 1600 MHz

Heres the issue; every time i click on an icon to start a game like Crysis or Halo 1, the system instantly freezes and I must flip the switch on the PSU to turn it off. I ran mem test for 2 hrs and it passed 100%. The voltages on the PSU are near perfect. I have tested all kinds on single and dual gpu setups in all the pcie slots. I have tried using a spare GTS250 gpu. I have tried older GPU drivers. I ran a couple of tests with intel burn. Nothing is overclocked and i have loaded the mobo's failsafe defaults. This narrows it down to the motherboard and the osand its drivers . I am not sure what else i can do except start rma'ing things. Any input on this issue would be greatly apprecited.

Thank You,
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  1. Hi there,

    Similar problem from another post where Halo 2 would freeze immediately.

    Here's the post

    After he cleaned out all the temp files, and cache, it worked without a hitch.
  2. Its not just halo, its every 3d application. And the freezing happens instantly once i click on any game icon.
  3. Hello,

    Can't tell if you mean only games, every x time you try them, or other applications, like word or quicken or adobe reader??

    If it is several games, that means it not a specific game, so clear out all the temp files, tmp files, temporary internet files, cookies, etc. and see if that solves the problem.

    If you are not familiar with those folders, ccleaner is a very good applet that will safely clean them out for you, from the OS, and applications you choose.
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