Poor man's eyefinity? Crazy idea?

Not having the resources to go all out for $600 of monitors and $600+ for appropriate GPU backing, should I look to just add 2 more 1280x1024 monitors instead for a 3840x1024 setup? Or I could also rotate them so the res would end up being 3072x1280.

Please comment on why you voted the way you did. What would you power this with being price conscious?
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  1. Quote:
    Thats like buying a ferrari and not being able to take it over 4000rpm

    If I was running this with a pair of 480s, sure, way unbalanced. But I was thinking more along the budget of a single 5830, pair of 5750s, or a pair of 5770s if budget allows.

    Can I get a much better gaming experience for $450-$550 for monitor and GPU?
  2. Any other thoughts? 3-4 at this time.
  3. go bargain hunting? craigslist/ebay?
    i picked up my 3rd monitor (19") for $50, and can see a lot of 22" monitors for $75 right now where i live.
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