480 sli --- psu help

does anyone have a calculator or something that says how many watts is needed for 480 in sli iv seen sights saying anything from 850 to 1500 what are you guys using.

all i can find is that a single one needs 600 watts (off the new egg info sheet)

load test i found for 480 in sli
...crysis --- 668
...furmark --- 851

i7 930 says 130 watts (668 + 130 = 798)
(851 + 130 = 981)

now i dont know if anything else needs to be added into the equation other than the cards and cpu so can you tell me if 981 would be the highest it could use or are there more parts that suck up wattage that i need to add in.

and if those are the only 2 parts that make a difference would 1000 watts be enough giving a 19 watt buffer?
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  1. Don't complicate yourself, most users that are running dual 480's have at least a good 1K PSU (single rail).

  2. i was looking at the silverstone single rail st1000p and the op1000e and op1200 single rail

    but they only haves 960 max wattage (on the 1000s) so i was going to look for another one that had a real 1000 watts

    or should i get 1200 or higher (i talking 2 card sli not the crazy 3 or 4 card sli)
  3. with multi rail psu how does that work the antec 1200 has 6 rails but there only 38a rails well a 480 needs 42 amps.
  4. idk i think ill just get this 1200 one to be safe i dont want to be right at that limit ya know.

    im going to do some more research but if i can get by with a 1000 ill get this 1000 one.

    but if your running dual 480s please post what psu your using
  5. btw on that furmark is that 851 watt power draw just the gpu's or the entire system i was asuming just the 2 cards but maby im wrong
  6. o so 1000 is plenty iv herd of furmark bringing systems to there knees
  7. Quote:
    Those power consumption numbers are with furmark bro

    meaning?? iv never ran it nor do i know what exactly it does.
  8. You can get an TX950 or HX1000, both will push dual 480's with power to spare.
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