SSD hangs at shutting down... screen

hey guys,

pretty much what it says in the title.
i have a crucial v4 128gb, my boot time is about 30 seconds but so is my shutdown time and im pretty sure this isnt normal for an SD.

ive gone through various SSD optimization techniques and im about to tinker with the page file as thats last on my list but i have no idea whats making it hang

ive reduced the timeouts for closing apps etc as in a few guides but its the final shutting down... screen where it stalls the most.

any help would be great, thanks guys
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  1. u tried checking the ssd with programs like hdd regenerator
  2. May be worth checking if there has been a firmware update for the SSD, take a note of the firmware version revision of the SSD as it stands and then have a nip over to the Crucial website see if there is a new one. New firmware are tweeks to speed the drive up so have a check it may help.
  3. thanks for the fast replies guys,

    there seems to be no firmware for this when i search there webssite which is rather strange, also ive just done a fresh OS install and it still takes 10 seconds at most to shut down.

    i might be looking at the wrong part of the site but everything seems to be up to date.
  4. if the pc take 10 sec t shutting down its normal
    but try cleaning the drive with ccleaner
  5. can anyone confirm if there is indeed a firmware update for the V4 ?
    i cant find anything anywhere on the drive and its making me rather frustrated.

    im now installing sp1 for windows 7 ultimate to see if that hampers it but the whole computer is slow.

    right click on the desktop can take 10 seconds for it to appear loading anything at all takes much longer than my hdd ever did.

    im guessing the SSD must be working in some context to get the good boot time but its once t actually gets to the desktop it just bottoms out and goes really slow.

    the only other option i can think of is a another fresh OS install but after i wipe the drive rather than over writing the old OS then deleting the windows.old folder
  6. wipe the current os
    then download afresh copy
  7. well it seems to be fixed now so just in case anyone is having a the same problems as i did this might work.

    it turned out to be the SATA controller drivers for my motherboard i think, the CD that came with the mobo must have been rather out of date and once that was installed it seems fine!

    so dont just check the drivers for your SSD but check your SATA connectors too!
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