ASUS Xonar DX 7.1 sound card

Long story short. Bought a higher-end computer, Gateway FX 6840-23 with an Intel i7, 1 TB, and 600 GB hard drives, 500W PSU, ATI Radeon HD 5750 GPU about a month ago.

I actually found a stereo jack on the back of the case, and was stunned to say the least. I asked a question on here about this, and was told I would need to get a sound card so I could connect my surround sound speaker system back up, even though the computer has THX and capable of 7.1 surround, 5.1 surround, and of course stereo. But a cheap-ass stereo jack on a computer like this is just idiocy to me.

I bought an ASUS Xonar DX 7.1 sound card, but can't connect it to the power supply because of the limited cabling on the cheap-ass factory PSU, and the one place where I can connect the cable that came with the sound card is too far away and won't reach the card. The one in the computer is a white female connector with 4 slots. The white male connector that I could hook up to the cable ASUS provided is too short to reach the card. There are no other power supply connectors coming off the PSU other than that white connector located near the front of the case, and branches off the connection to the hard drive. Like I said, it is a white female connector with 4 slots.

The second hard-drive I connected to the computer just plugged right in with no cables needed. They are provided in the slots that will take 2 extra drives. I just had to connect the HD to the pull-out bracket and slide it back in. It's a breeze. But the PSU on this computer is actually barebones, and worries me somewhat having only 500 watts. My 650W Rosewill has cabling galore on it, but frankly, I don't think I could switch it out because the guts of this new computer I got are different as far as how things are connected. There are 2 junction boxes on the inside of the top of the case as well, and that just confuses me more.

I can do some standard upgrading myself, but this one is a little hairy for me.

Two questions:

1. Are there cables of this type, (the one that came with the sound card), that are longer so I can connect it up?

2. Is that open white 4 slot female connector in the computer the one I need to provide power to the sound card from the cable ASUS provided that plugs into it? The ASUS cable has a white 4 prong male connector on one end, and at the other end is the real small 4 prong that plugs into the sound card. The directions are saying that this cable has to be attached for the extra power, or something like that.

Any help would be appreciated. I am a writer, and do photography, and some video stuff. But the main reason for the sound card and surround sound is for gaming, and music so I can shake the dishes in the kitchen cabinets from back here in my room, and do so with extreme clarity and cleaness of sound. Plus turn my headphones, if I do where them, into bumpers as well.

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  1. Looking on the website that looks a lot like my floppy disc drive power connector. I'm pretty sure that if you go online you could find extension cables for the card.
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  3. mosox said:

    This looks like I can stretch it out to use each end, the large 4 pin, and the small one at the other end so it will reach where Gateway has the connector stashed near the front of my case.

    Thanks, I was unable to find something like this online at the sites I went to.
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  5. mister g said:
    Looking on the website that looks a lot like my floppy disc drive power connector. I'm pretty sure that if you go online you could find extension cables for the card.

    Thanks for the info, but when I tried to find the connector it kept showing me the same connector I already had from ASUS. I appreciate your help, however. I did find a connector that can be stretched out from a link someone provided here.

  6. Ok, then best of luck to you. If you have any more problems we're always here to help.
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