Will it fit my mid tower case?

I'm planning on buying a Xigmatek pc-702 psu to replace my old one, but I'm worried it wouldn't fit my case which is a CM Elite 330. The width of the new psu is 20mm wider than my old psu, so will it fit?
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    Hello areszues92;
    Are the Xigmatek website specs right? 150mm(L) x 160mm(W) x 86mm(H).
    150mm (5.9") and 86mm (3.4") are the standard width & height for an ATX PSU - which makes more sense than a non-standard width.

    It's my guess the Xigmatek PC-702 PSU is the same width and height as any ATX standard PSU 5.9" (150mm) x 3.4" (86mm).
    And at 6.30" (160mm) its just a bit longer than a basic PSU so there should be no problem with it fitting in the CM Elite 330 case.
  2. Ok thx for the confirmation
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