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I ordered a Samsung 830 128gb today. I currently have a 500gb HD with my OS on it. I am skeptical about putting my OS on the SSD since I am content with my current boot speed. I plan to put BF3, FFXIV ARR, and maybe WoW on the SSD depending on how much space will be left. I have a few questions.

1.) I already know to unplug the HD and set the SSD to AHCI if I do choose to put my OS on it. My question is, after I put the OS on the drive, will I need to register my copy of Windows 7 again? I have an OEM and I already registered it a few weeks ago when I built my PC.

2.) Should I put my video card drivers or any drivers in general on my SSD? Should I put firefox on my SSD?

3.) If i choose to put my OS on the SSD should I/can I delete it off my HD?

4.) How much space does Windows 7 take? I read someone say they had 119gb actual space left on their 830 128gb.

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  1. I have the OS and a few applications on it and I have 70GB free on my 128GB SSD. 119 GB Is what is actually on the disk after formatting so I have 70GB free out of 119GB. After installing the SSD, you will have to activate it again, but it shouldn't be a problem, and yes you should delete the OS of the HDD.
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