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SO as a little side project i am seeing how much i can upgrade my brother's old computer. Its current processor is a NorthWood Pentium 4 3.06ghz. From the list below, do you think theres a better processor that can possibly fit in this computer.

And btw, i was wondering if 533 vs 800 mhz FSB's mattered? Like the one the computer currently has has a 533mhz FSB, could it be upgraded with a 800mhz FSB processor?

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  1. It's not the computer that has the FSB, it's that the processor will default to that FSB. When you upgrade the processor, the FSB will change.

    Very important: Tell us your motherboard model, or if it is an OEM machine, link us to a support page.

    So assuming it is compatible with all P4's, if you get lucky, you might be able to upgrade to a pentium D. Don't spend more than $15 on it though, for value's sake.

    If it doesn't support the Pentium D, you'll likely still support the highest pentium 4 on that list you linked with hypertransport. Don't spend more than $10 on it for value's sake.
  2. FIC VI35L -- that is the motherboard i believe.

    And my current FSB on this processor i have now is 533mhz and you sure i could upgrade to a processor that has 800mhz?
  3. That sounds like an OEM since I don't recognize the motherboard brand "FIC". Unless FIC is part of the model number, in which case, it is useless without knowing the brand.

    If your computer was not custom assembled, and instead made by an OEM (dell, gateway, acer, hp etc) then the model number of the computer itself would be more useful.
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