ACER 3004 wlmi - worth upgrading with SSD?

I have an ACER 3004 wlmi , cpu is AMD Mobile Sempron 3100+ / 1.8 GHz

I have had to replace the hard drive a year or so ago as it gave up the ghost. I have replaced with a cheap 50gb drive.

I use this machine to connect to my TV and run things like the iPlayer and itunes off. It's grindingly slow at times even when I have downloaded the program ahead of time to an external 1tb (admittedly USB 2) drive

anyway I am looking at the following options:

- replace the cheapo hard drive with an SSD (I'm not really worried about reliability of the drive, as this would be an entertainment device)

- get a new laptop/netbook/notebook with SSD / USB 3 to improve read/write speed for the video playing etc

- give up on the laptop idea completely and get a youview box. although I like being able to play itunes and view stuff from the internet so I'm a bit meh about that

has anyone any opinions? am I mad to be even thinking about upgrading this machine? any real life experiences to compare?
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  1. I will say forget about to upgrade that laptop, because it use the IDE/ATA port for the HDD. Yes you can buy the IDE SSD but the laptop is outdated.

    I don't use the youview box so I don't give you any opinions about it.
  2. thanks for that, I though that would be the consensus. I'm just sooo mean I like to squeeze every last drop of life out of my computers!
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