Is catalyst control centre important?

Wondering if CCC (Catalyst Control Centre) is any important performance wise? You know, gaming and such stuff that requires the graphic cards needance.
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  1. No, it is separate from the display drivers. I liked having it because I used it for controlling the fan speed and overclocks. Do you NOT want it or something? If you have a 5870, it should overclock really well and CCC makes it really easy to do so.
  2. CCC is fine for a mild OC but for anything more there is much better software.
  3. There are some cases where applications are not as well written to utilize certain functions of a graphics card; for instance Ansiotropic Filtering and Anti-Aliasing. In these situations, it's better to have Catalyst Control Center available to force graphics card implementation rather than the game code implementation of these functions. ATI cards and the game City of Heroes comes to mind.

    -Wolf sends
  4. No its not a must have. I used to use just the Display driver and used ATI Tray Tools for the higher functions as it offers far better/ more in depth control of tehe higher functions of the GPU.
    In general CCC is fine for every day usage.

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