Selecting optimum UPS

how much VA and Watt UPS is enough for my system?
I wanna buy new UPS.could 600VA cope up with my system? just to with stand exiting games and shutting down without restarting or such crap [atleast 5 min].I'm really confused calculating enough VA required...

My specs:

PSU: 450W HUntkey V-Power
motherboard intel DG41RQ,
CPU: intel Q8400 2.66 GhZ,
RAM:Kingston 800MHZ 2GB,
HDD:Seagate Berracuda 500gb,Western digital 80gb
case fans:2 40mm[runs constantly slow, dont know rpm],
LG DVD R/W,CD DVD combo drive,
VGA: Powercolor hd 4850 1gb
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  1. Depends on how many watts actually used per minute, try APC's webs
  2. The APC site link as suggested above should give you enough info.. Otherwise, just add up the wattage ratings of every component you plan to connect to the UPS for backup purpose.. For example, if you are just connecting your rig and the monitor then just add up the PSU wattage rating with the monitor's ON state wattage usage.. Then choose a UPS (from a good known brand) with a higher wattage rating and you are done.. In any case, do not connect your speakers to the UPS..
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