DDR2 RAM for EP45-DS3 (old mobo)


I'm considering expanding the memory of my current linux PC to support up to 8GB.. However, since my mobo is quite old (probably a blast from the past at the current rate of tech change), it only supports DDR2.

I'm looking for at least 8GB of ram to run a few vmware sessions for work. However, I only see 4GB kits (2 x 2GB) at the most.

I was wondering if it would be advisable to get two of those kits, making it 4x2GB and plugging it in? From what I see on the net, the EP45-DS3 seems to have issues with some ram based on some search results (google "EP45-DS3 ram").

Any advice would be appreciated.

Also, I assume mixing different kits, even when they're at different channels, are a bad thing?
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    Mixing RAM's... bad idea.

    DDR2 RAM's are expensive. Why do you want to go for 8GB? Since they are getting old. They are quite expensive.

    This should be good
  2. Right now my 2GB setting is trashing, I want to be safe at least.

    So mixing rams, even if they're of the same kit (e.g 2x2GB into 4x2GB) is a bad idea?
  3. I did not understand what you meant by trashing!

    But anyways, you can get a complete new kit and ditch the old kit. But you can use the new with the old. Unless they are of the exact same specs. Which is hard to find.

    But you still did not mention why you need 8GB. 4GB is enough to provide you all the happiness in the world. 8GB is only for heavy apps. Gaming is fine with 4GB.
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