Is this what triple channel memory is?

Is it true that each memory stick is three-way interleaved in triple channel memory?
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    Triple channel memory is a kit of three matching DIMMs.

    Triple channel memory is only useful on an LGA1366 motherboard, which typically has two banks, each of 3 DIMM sockets. That's why you see systems using LGA1366 typically having 3GB, 6GB, or 12GB of RAM (3 x 1GB, 3 x 2GB, 3 x 4GB...).

    The three-way interleave is BETWEEN three DIMMs, not internal to the DIMM. The individual DIMMs are exactly the same as you see in two-way interleave between two DIMMs on every motherboard that's not LGA1366.
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    Triple channel means that you have a 192-bit bus width memory interface compared to a 128-bit bus width with dual channel. So you have a *theoretical* 50% additional bandwidth at similar speeds and timings as compared to dual channel.
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