Relacement for a 8800 gt

Hello, what would be a good replacement for a 8800gt about the same power.. only play games time to time.
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  1. if you can run the 9800GT, you can run these three cards and not lose performance.

    around $100, the ATI 4770 (if you can find it). It offers similar performance to the 9800GT in some games, slightly better in others. Supports DX10, like the 9800GT.

    around $125, the ATI 5750. It's a solid step up in performance from the 9800GT and offers DX11.

    around $160, the ATI 5770. It's a good step up from the 9800GT. Offers better performance then any card mentioned and supports DX11.
  2. There's also the HD4850 and GTS 250 which will be a nice lil upgrade and cost $100-110.
    This is a very nice version of the GTS 250 at a very nice price after the mail in rebate;
  3. Yeah, GTS 250 is a good one... ^
  4. both the ATI 4850 and Nvidia GTS250 use slightly more power though.
  5. True. Make sure your PSU can handle any card you might buy.
  6. thanks guys really not going for ati boards my motherboard for some reason my motherboard not really happy with them. I have a Gateway FX7020 ( i know a gateway) i was away and my 2 year old daughter kept pushing the power buton on and off i got home and it was done. looks like either power supply which is crap any ways or video card is going so replacing both i hope thats the problems. antec 650 watt power supply now looking into a card.
  7. A 650w Antec PSU will easily power that GTS 250.
  8. even a corsair 450vx will power gts 250
  9. mjsharma said:
    even a corsair 450vx will power gts 250

    that corsair will power the GTX 260 with power to spare, the corsair 400w will run the GTS250 with ease.
  10. don't think my mother board is a pci express 2.0 is that going to be a problem with these newer cards ?
  11. if you have a PCI-E 1.0 x16 graphic slot, look for a 2.0 card. GTS250 cards are 2.0 cards and 2.0 is backwards compatible with 1.0.


    or see if your mobo has a BIOS patch to support 2.1 cards
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