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It only renew the wireless connection but NOT the local area connection. please help
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  1. Are you sure it's not doing the local connection and just getting the same IP address? ipconfig /renew will renew the ip of all active connections if no Ethernet adapter is selected.

    Try ipconfig /renew lo* this will renew all connection that start with lo - IE: Local connection.
  2. Still not working!

    C:\DOCUME~1\DESKTOP>ipconfig /renew Lo*

    Windows IP Configuration

    An error occurred while renewing interface Local Area Connection : The system ca
    nnot find the file specified.
  3. Do an ipconfig /all.
    Note the name of the hard wired connection that you want to renew. Put the first few letters of the name in place of lo. Be sure to include the *. Name starts after "Ethernet adapter" in the listing.

    For more options type ipconfig /?
  4. I am researching this same problem...I am showing that the media state is disconnected in both the Ethernet adaptor in the wireless network connection and the same in the Local area connection. I have a desktop that is working fine and another laptop that is fine but suddenly my Lenova laptop cannot cennect to my Belkin router...I have checked the DHCS, TCP/IP, DNS and all appears to be restarted and on automatic. I have rebooted the router, disconnected & reconnected the ethernet cable and still nothing...on day 6 of this issue. I am showing that the Lenove sees the Belkin and has excellent signal strength but cannot acquire the network address, HELP! Please and thank you in advance!
  5. Sounds like you have/had the Zero Access Rootkit.
  6. Hi Grumpy9117, I am not sure what the Zero Access Rootkit is so I can tell you I did not MEAN to have it. Everything was fine on one day and got up the next day to find I could not connect and that the IP adress was reading as
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