Cleaned CPU no Monitor now

Hello all i recently removed my CPU from my case cleaned it and put it back in with a new layer of thermal paste and now my monitor won't show anything but my computer loads no problem :\
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  1. Sorry forgot some information the screen finds a source but won't display anything the computer system doesn't beep but it loads everything like normal i just have no display >.>
  2. What made you remove your cpu and clean it?

    When you say "screen finds a source" do you mean it does NOT (a) say "no signal" and (b) go into power save mode?

    How do you know your system is "loading everything like normal"?

    What are your full system specs?

    What else did you remove when you cleaned the system?
  3. What I mean by find a source means it doesn't say no signal

    I removed the CPU because i wanted to change my fan on top of it

    I know my system is loading but the motherboard showing activity

    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8500 @ 3.16GHz (2 CPUs)
    Memory: 3070MB RAM
    Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra
    Monitor: SyncMaster 2220WM/G22PW/220WM(Digital)
    Sound Card: SoundMAX HD Audio
    Speakers/Headphones: Razer Barracuda
    Keyboard: Merc Stealth
    Mouse: Razer Lachesis
    Mouse Surface: Razer eXactMat X control
    Operating System: Windows XP Professional
    Motherboard: Striker 2 Formula

    I removed the video card and that was all

    I cleaned the thermal paste with 70% peroxide
  4. D4Rk_5uMm0n3r said:
    I know my system is loading but the motherboard showing activity
    Does this mean your mobo IS showing activity? If so, what activity? Or does it mean your mobo is showing NO ACTIVITY?
    D4Rk_5uMm0n3r said:
    I removed the video card and that was all
    You also removed at least the fan. And the cooler. Did you remove the mobo from the case?

    Does the cpu fan spin and remain spinning when you start up?

    If you removed the mobo from the case, you need to check for shorts and cables not properly connected, same as if this was a new build failure to boot. In any case, re-seating the cpu, heat sink, and graphics card are in order. I'd also pull and re-seat memory as this sometimes gets jostled when pulling a heat sink.
  5. twoboxer is right but be careful thought I like to add that - usually its the memory and the video card. When the RAM (memory) is not inserted right, sometimes it won't give a beeping warning at all. Then the video, also make sure the monitor signal cable is inserted to the nvidia card not on the built in video. Work on a well lighted area.
  6. Just because you hear the drives spin up and power comes on, doesn't mean you are even starting POST. If you were, you would see it.
    Did you make sure everything is plugged in correctly, that you didn't unplug something while you were messing around in case?
    Did you bend any of the pins in the socket when you were messing with the CPU?
    Did you plug the heat sink fan back onto the correct pins?
  7. I'm going to guess and say he meant "it loads" because the hdd is making noise and such also.

    but I'm not sure if english language is a third language but this isnt clear.

    how many video ports do you have? 1?2 3?

    if you have 2 on the card and one onboard

    try a second one on the card.

    if you have on board you can try removing the video card and using the onboard one
    for troubleshooting too.
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