Building a pc (parts)

trying to build a mac
know the specific motherboard that doesn't require that much to install Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.3
i don't know anybody who has a mac so i can't do that thing where you put disc image in flash drive unless you can do it with pc
so is there any way i can build a mac for cheap as possible
core 2 quad or duo
will be using xfx hd5770 1gb video card
regular sata hdd and dvd/cd burner
regular cpu cooler
only using 1 video card
looking for the cheapest motherboard with my specification out there
remember i am trying to install Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.3 NOT win 7
and are there any guides like not from 2008or2009
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  1. You realize that you can't build a Mac right? The parts used for them are propritary, meaning the only place you can get them is from Apple. Also, it is technically illegal to install Apple's OS on hardware that isn't from them.
  2. you can't build a Macintosh, but you can build a Hackintosh.. but yes it's basically illegal like Admiral said
  3. There are Hackintosh forums on the web, you are likely to get more detailed advice by looking/posting there.

    This is a pretty PC/Windows-centric board. A little bit of talk about Linux, but next to no Mac discussion, so you're unlikely to find what you need here.
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