hey I was wondering if the 8800gt will bottleneck a phenom ii x3 720
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  1. yes but there is bottleneck in just about every PC. the really question is "are you ok with the 8800GT & x3 720 performance?"
  2. I dont know what the performance is because I'm in the proccess of building my computer, does any one have a review or something for it. thanks
  3. its an older card that is starting to show its age.

    are you in the USA?
    do you have a budget for a video card?
    what PSU do you plan to use?
    what is your monitor's native resolution?
  4. The Phenom ii x3 720 will provide more than is needed to keep a 8800gt feed if that's what you mean. In fact it can easily run better cards than that.
    As ct1615 has said provide us with some details and I'm sure we can help you much more.

  5. ok here it is:

    mobo: msi 790x-g45

    psu: corsair 550w

    and how do I check my resolution
    and yes I live in the usa, and that card was givin to me
  6. bump
  7. you can check your monitor resolution in control panel/hardware/display

    if you cant find it just tell us how big is your monitor? and/or what resolution do you play most games at? 1600x900? 1440x900? etc.,

    also a budget for an upgrade card, assuming you want one.
  8. 1024x768

    and I will get another graphics card later like I said that one was free
  9. the 8800GT can handle 1024x768, are you having any issues with current games?
  10. I havent tried to play any games, like I said I'm in the process of building a computer and I was just wondering if it will handle little bit older games.
  11. you will be fine, plus its free so you can't beat the cost.

    upgrade your video card when you get a bigger monitor
  12. thanks for the advice
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