i own a acer laptop with ati 5650 graphic card , it says that it can support upto 6 monitors. I tried to connect two external and one laptop screen, however only two from the three works. i wanted to know if there's any way to connect all the three screen ( 2 external and 1 laptop screen)
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  1. Sure it can support 6, just not 6 at the same time. You can only use eyefinity if you have a display port output.
  2. megamanx00 i think the OP is talking about the laptop 5650, not the desktop card

    Eyefinity allows 3 displays desktop wise via two "normal" connectors (hdmi/vga/dvi) and one via display port - you cant use two dvi (for example) and the hdmi, in the laptops case the pannel would internally be DVI/VGA, so the dvi and hdmi ports you may only use one (provided the laptop chip is the same) etc

    read up the limitations of Eyefinity - www.google.com will help
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