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Build a Desktop w/ AMD Proc

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August 8, 2010 9:04:18 PM

Hello all,

I am trying to build a new desktop. Also I am not trying to go over board and spend a lot of money. Don't get me wrong I would love to, but my wife doesn't. I have always built computers with intel processors and am trying to cross over to the AMD side :0)

I want to try AMD because I feel that you get more for the buck. Below is the processor that I want to build my system around.

AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition

I also want to get a motherboard that can support the processor, but this is where I am at a loss. I want to get one that will support the above processor also I want it to be an MSI MOBO.

-- That is very good for over-clock.

-- That can support DDR3, SLI and Express 2.0.

-- I will also have to get a memory and video card.

Memory -> I want one that is good and not to expensive (don't we all). I just want t know what you think is good. Can be any speed just the one you can get the best bang for the buck.

Video Card -> I have always used example. GTX, but I am thinking I can go ATI radeon. Which would you recommend.

What I am looking at is instead of a GTX 480, use 2x GTX 460 which is way cheaper and much better performance.

Any suggestions and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all so much in advance for your sharing your knowledge and help with me.


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August 9, 2010 10:01:30 AM

^ For what will you be using the PC for ??
If gaming, then the X4 955 would be a better option...
August 9, 2010 10:03:40 AM

And also SLI with AMD will not be a good option and you dont have good boards that are new and have SLI capability...So if you want to go AMD, Crossfire would be the best option...
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August 9, 2010 10:05:58 AM

If gaming the 955 is a better option. If AMDing then the ATI GPUs will be a better option. If you go GTX 460 you cannot SLI on an AMD motherboard unless you buy one of the specific Nvidia chipped mobos - this gives you a very limited slection and reviews on them tend to be very mixed.

The ATI 5850 and 5870 are the two cards to llok at, the 5850 handles many games at max settings on 1920 x 1080 resolution, the 5870 is obviously more powerful and handles even more games. What you choose depends on what you can afford.

G Skill Ripjaw or G Skill ECO are very popular RAM. 1600mhz, CL7 and about $105 for 4gb. If you need to have money you can get slower RAM with higher latency. G Skill, Crucial, Corsair tend to be good quality brands for RAM.

MSI 890FXA-GD70 is one of the mobo options you can look at.
August 9, 2010 1:01:00 PM

Since u mentioned not having to spend lots of money do elaborate what the machine is used for so we know where to hit for the biggest gains ^^ Even if your needs warrant a Thuban i would look at the 1055T +OC rather than the pricey 1090T :p 
August 16, 2010 4:18:14 AM

Thank you all for replying I have been doing dome more research and will get back with the completed form given above. Thank you again.
August 16, 2010 4:24:53 AM

Do you have microcenter nearby? They've got a special right up your alley if you do.

Buy the AMD chip, then get a free motherboard. Or I think with the 6 core and you can get a board for like 10 bucks, but still a great deal.

I think you can get the 1090T you want and this board

For about 306 according to their site. Might be worth checking into, because for that pricing, you can get about 4 gb of memory for the extra you would have spent on a board, and leave more money for other stuff. And it's even an MSI board.
August 16, 2010 4:27:46 AM

was gonna ask why someone would want sli when using AMD... and with the high tech graphics cards out there right now... any xfire will be good to go for ages.

There's two or three motherboards at with crossfire for under 100 bucks...

Motherboard manufacturers have gotten into trouble in the past with this though.... AMD even had all kinds of complaints when am2+ motherboards (not manufactured by amd) were sold as AM3. Phenoms weren't supported... I think MSI and Asus had that issue.

Before you buy anything, research everything. We've all jumped the gun for the newest shiniest trinket we can afford in the past.... the question is how long it will last.

August 16, 2010 4:38:19 AM

Actually it's partly the etailer's fault for confusing peeps with this whole silly AM3/AM2+/AM2 labelling when clearly the mobo is an AM2+ with DDR2 DIMM slots hehe Lost count the times i had to play whistle blower when someone comes up with an incompatible combo/parts hehe But yes research and arming oneself with knowledge never goes out of style ^^
August 16, 2010 1:30:31 PM

Yea... I am sorry since I know very little about this type of stuff. SLI / CrossFire and all that good stuff.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: As soon as the pieces are in play right now :0)

BUDGET RANGE: $600 but thats like my max right now.

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gamming mainly wow, prob more games later on. Gamming is the most important thing ;p

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: I have a machine alreay. I just want to switch to AMD which I have never built. Below are the parts I plan on staying with:

- mouse keyboard, case, screen
- WD 500gb 7200 rpm hard drive
- BFG 280GTX 1gb OC

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: I like compusa since I can just go and buy the stuff at the store, and got a $250 girft card. I do not mind buying parts at different places.


PARTS PREFERENCES: I want an AMD machine. MSI mobo, proc, and all that good stuff.


SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Not important now will not use mabey later down the road I will go CF. Just want to keep the one video card I have now (save money).

MONITOR RESOLUTION: I have a monitor Samsung 1680x1050


Here is where I am going crazy. Mainly for now I am playing wow, but I will start playing more games.

When it comes to proc I am thinking about:
(AMD 1090T x6)

(AMD 1055T x6)

(AMD 965 x4)

What happens where I am at a lost is that the 965 is only $23 bucks cheaper than the 1055t. Then I think I don't want to change or upgrade for a while, so should I go for the best 1090T.

Then I am like if I go 1055T or 965 I can get 8GB ram. Damn and I though planning my wedding was freaking confusing, lol.

For the mobo I was looking for something that can handle the 1055t or 1090t just incase if I go with that option and that is really good for OC them both.

I am thinking this one:

If you have any further questions or need further clarifications, which I am sure you will since I suck at this...please let me know. THANK YOU so much for all you help.
August 16, 2010 2:05:55 PM

For gaming you don't need anymore than 4gb RAM, so buying 8 would be pointless.

For an MSI mobo, something like MSI 890FXA-GD70 would be good - USB/SATA III, Crossfire compatible. Don't know how good OCing is, people tend to go Asus or Gigabyte for that.

As for processor, I would say it was a toss up between 965 and 1055. There is no real point in 6 cores for gaming but then the price is similar. I actually would consider the 955 as it is cheaper and essentially the same chip, I believe they can both OC to similar lvls.
August 16, 2010 2:16:39 PM

So is MSI not good for OC if so which mobo (ASUS or Gigabyte) would anyone suggest.

What does everyoen think about the 955 I mean the difference between the 955 and 965 is $25 and only 0.2 Ghz. I can save more on that since the difference between the 955 and the 1050T is $199 = total saved $45.
August 16, 2010 2:30:10 PM

Well, briefly looking at reviews I think Asus M4A89GTD Pro is a better OCer. But I am no AMD mobo expert.

I believe if OCing, the 965 reaches the same kind of speed as the 955 (about 3.8ghz - 3.9ghz) as they are pretty much the same chip so the only real advantage to the 965 is at stock speed.
August 16, 2010 2:31:30 PM

no, its just that board isnt the greatest. I would get a X4 955, its the same thing as a 965 just clocked lower.
August 16, 2010 2:33:49 PM

LOL I feel you on the not being an expert on the AMD mobo. let's see what the other AMD gurus say here. What memory DDR3 would you recommend though, anything in mind.
August 16, 2010 2:43:57 PM

Mr Pizza said:
no, its just that board isnt the greatest. I would get a X4 955, its the same thing as a 965 just clocked lower.

Which mobo would you recommend for the 955 that will be great for OC and also is there a heat sink that you will recommend.

Best solution

August 17, 2010 4:29:49 AM

CPU - If gaming and will be overclocking, then surely the 955...
But if you are building this PC to try your hand at overclocking and are planning to hit the max that you can, then the 965 maybe be worth it...though the 955 and 965 are same chips, but only the better binned parts(which will have better overclocking headroom) will be named 965...
But upto 4GHz, it wont matter though...

Mobo - MSI is also a very good board for overclocking...
As for the chipset -
890GX - If overclocking say upto 4GHz...
MSI - Only drawback - if you want to go crossfire, then it would block the free slots...

890FX - Want to hit 4GHz and above...

RAM - One of the best value overclocking memory...,2462-7...

But want even better overclocking, then -


Need to add more fan though...

PSU - If ATI cards, then the above 650W would suffice for 2x HD 5870s

HDD - Samsung F3 1TB/ 500GB

CPU Cooler -
4GHz and above

Upto 4GHz

Even these with additional fan can offer very good cooling and can allow 4GHz+..
August 17, 2010 4:52:53 AM

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