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If processor is bad will system display show any info

HP Pavillion dv9000 / dv9410us AMD Turion 64 x2 processor.
If processor is bad will system display show any info?
I am not receiving any post beeps and LED's come on , however, LED's only light up for 23 sec. and blink off this cycle continues 3 times and system shuts down after 3rd cycle. Or could it be the MOBO???
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  1. i had a cpu die. It should post and then shut down
  2. It is doubtful that the CPU is bad; there are a lot of other more likely components that could cause this. First of all try resetting the CMOS memory.
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    When your computer boots up your BIOS will check your CPU, memory and video - If your motherboard is defective it might not show some signs like beeping sound or no display. Make sure your motherboard has a working speaker then assemble just the motherboard, PSU and processor it should emit a beeping sound - it means it's alive if not then you can suspect the motherboard or the processor.
  4. ^Agree with above, it might simply be a bad PSU. A single rail can, and usually does go bad on a PSU, leaving the other rail working, so even though you are seeing some power to the system, it is not supplying power to everything. Second thing, it may be the board. Motherboards are made up of many multiple parts, circuits, capacitors, and regulators that very well could have been low quality when the board was made, or have endured to many power surges, or whatever, but they do just "go bad" from time to time.
    A processor is the very, very last thing to suspect, processors just don't go bad normally. You have to be doing something pretty outrageous, or plain stupid to kill a processor.
  5. being a laptop I'd say its a motherboard..
    3/4 the ones I saw were college kids that spilt drinks on them.. then swore they never did... until I showed them photos of the coke etc :P

    usually if it was crush damage ie fattie sat on it the screen would be gone too.

    Cpu rarely go bad.. unless there is some sort of crap engineered cooling solution that failed.
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  7. Good Call dEAne, THX
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