SSD vs HDD for fairly heavily used system.

I'm planning on getting a new box soon and was considering how to spec it.

I was thinking of making my system drive an SSD with a large HDD as a secondary. But what I've heard about SSD lifetimes gives me concern and thought I'd run this by the Toms Hardware community for input:

I plan to keep the new box for a minimum of three years. It sees fairly heavy use during the evenings and weekends, but I put it to sleep when I'm at work. I play WoW, so it is often in use for extended periods, and I tend to leave it on when I'm home even if I'm not using it. In the past I've had machines wear out around the age of my current box or else start to show signs of it. I've had system drives wear out so I place something of a premium on drive longevity.

I have considered strategies for conserving and prolonging the SSD, but that makes me wonder if I shouldnt just go with an all HDD setup.

Given that SSDs seem to wear out more quickly than HDDs, I was thinking of installing in such a way as to preserve the SSD by having Windows and not much else on the system drive and most stuff on the secondary HDD. However, I am wondering if that negates a lot of the benefits of having the SSD in the first place. I've read that you dont want to fill up an SSD so plan your capacity accordingly. But large capacity SSDs are expensive, and I'd like to migrate stuff like My Documents and User Data onto the HDD. My Documents is easily moved but not the User Data, and my User Data has gotten pretty large over time although I can probably clean it out by hand. The WinSXS directory also gets large as the system ages. The most played game is WoW, which is quite large, but doesnt do a great deal of writing to disk as far as I know, so would that impose a lot of wear on the SSD?

If I install most of the apps on the HDD I realize I'm forgoing a lot of the speed boost, and if I sleep instead of rebooting most of the time that also doesnt maximize SSD benefits, but the noise and power benefits remain. But I'd like to be confident it will last at least three years and dont like the idea of needing to coddle the drive.
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  1. your heading along the right path. I am also fearing my crucial m4 might die before 4 years so I have a contingency plan... Buy another SSD.

    best budget solutions are SSD for os and a fast HDD for data tis the best method we have atm.

    mech drives will last 5 + and an SSD is 4 years max atm. I store my wow folder on my HDD and at 7200 rpm and sata 6gb its realy quick and I have no complaints.
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