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To the Moderators; if you feel the need to delete this or ban my account from these forums as a result of this post, it is obviously in your power to do, but I honestly feel that this post has a lot to do with this forum, the people that use it, and provides beneficial information.

I recently responded to a post on this forum about the Celeron 300A and the responses I got were a bit poor in their quality.

My response was in no way an attempt to put someone down for being wrong, but to rather inform and/or educate those who may be interested in the topic and looking for additional information or input on the Celeron 300A.

The thread can be found here: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/69630-28-celly-300a-multiplier-locked#t2186818

Yet, the responses I got had nothing to do with the topic and were a bit classless to say the least. Now, it's possible that these seemingly classless members were simply uninformed, which could explain the poorness of their responses, so I will provide the missing details.

Wow loools you got to be one of the worst thread necro on THG.
8 years :pt1cable:

This member linked a picture of a chopped Magic card of a "Thread Necromancer" which read, "Ressurect target thread from page other than the first. Post must be inane and not signifigantly contribute." Now, although the card was pretty funny to actually see, the poster's response has nothing to do with the topic and posts for the sole purpose of sending senseless negativity to me in the form of strongly improper grammatical and spelling failures. Honestly, it's these types of people who should be banned from a forum (though it doesn't really matter as anyone can just create a new account, so I understand why no one bothers to ban them).

The next response I received was,
What randomly correcting someone on a 8 year old topic is not normal ? lol

It's true that it is not quite normal to have responded to an 8 year old thread, but it is definitely not as random as you seem to think. One should inquire before assuming. It was actually a Google search which brought me to the thread. The search was for "Celeron 300A multiplier" as I was having a discussion with someone else about it at the time. As you will see, it brings up the thread mentioned above as it's number 1 result. So, naturally I clicked on it and only to read a lot of bad information. Now, ultimately, throughout the life of the thread, the correct information was put out there, however, I had related and additional information to provide, and although the thread is 8 years old, a Google search today would bring the requester strait to that thread and the information therein would be fresh to a new reader. It was then that I felt justified in making my post. It shouldn't matter how old it is, so long as my response is related, informational, or constructive.

Then there was the last post before the moderator closed the thread.

Not only did he resurrect an 8 year old post, it was his first post. What a freakin' waste.

What does it matter that it's my first thread? Nothing at all. As for it being a "freakin' waste", I don't force anyone to read my posts.

Again, there really shouldn't be an issue with resurrecting any thread, so long as the resurrecting post is helpful to those interested in reading about the related subject.

The thread was ultimately closed, but honestly, the thread shouldn't be locked, just the inappropriate posts deleted and/or their posters banned.

In the end, a forum troll is much worse than a thread necromancer.
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  1. I have a feeling the Mods will NOT ban you for having an opinion. If they did, Tom's would not truly exist.

    You will always have those who will 'put-down the rest', even some Mods may push other buttons...but that is human nature in itself. One needs to realize, Tom's is NOT the only Forum online with A-holes. You get them everywhere, even in life.

    8 year old threads usually collect dust. Any one who attempts to restart it is the one who is bullied.

    Looks to me you stumbled onto a dark alley thread. Really, you need to post a question besides criticism. I have been here for almost a year, and let me tell you, this is a great Forum...no matter what anyone says.

    If you need any help, PM me. I really hope you stay here.


    P.S.: If you feel that you are being attack maliciously, PM the mods, they will take care of it. if it is a Mod, PM jpishgar or justinblue.
  2. Unexpected, but appreciated. Thx.
  3. Sure...remember, PM me.
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