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I am building my first HTPC (my first computer as a matter of fact).

I finished building it and when I tried to power up for the first time, The power seems to reach the mother board intermittently.

It gets power for a second, the led lights up, the fan runs ...then it stops ....then after a second it gets power again.

I can see nothing on the screen..

The configuration is:

Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD2 Mobo
Core i5 750
4 gig DDR3 Corsair xms3
1TB Western Digital Caviar Black
Corsair Tx 650 Watt PSU
Zonet 802.11 Wireless PCI Adapter
Radeon HD 5570 ATI cross fire x Graphics card
LG super Multi Internal Blu-Ray optical drive.


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  1. I'm not sure, but, it sounds like a bad PS (power supply)
  2. either a bad PS or actually check connections as well as the supply setting (110/240). If you try to run a PS that is set at 240 and your outlet only supplies 110, then that could be an symptom. if it's reversed, then POP goes the PS! hmmm.. lemme know what happens :)
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    Also, double check the standoffs that secure the motherboard to the case. You may have a short.

    You can do what's called breadboarding by removing the motherboard from the case, connect PSU, one stick of RAM, video card, CPU+HSF, and try to start the system by bridging the two pins for the power switch with something like a screwdriver.

    Be sure to do this on something non-conductive like cardboard.

    If the system starts up, add things one-by-one until you have everything in the case. If it still displays the behavior you described, you can test the power supply using the "paperclip test". Good luck.
  4. Okay guys, it turned out to be a Typical rookie mistake!

    I had not connected the 12v ATX!!! ...what made it more tricky was that it was a 8 pin connector, but only 4 fit, but that seems to suffice! Thank you shortstuff_mt

    I have loaded the OS (Windows 7) and am off to the races...

    My next challenge is how to connect 2 fans (the case has 2), but as far as I can tell the Mobo has only 1 fan connection!. It is running with 1, but it looks like it is running hot ..and I need to figure out how to tie up all the PSU cables that I anot using away so that the HDD does not get too hot.
  5. You should get a temp monitoring software. Hardware would be even better. However, it's common for a CPU to run about 120f give or take. that's pretty warm to the touch. you should look up yours and see what the temp averages are....
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