New Gaming Build SLI Involved.

BUDGET RANGE: 1,300- 1,400
PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers, Soundcard
Thank you in Advance,
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  1. I wouldn't recommend starting a build with SLI. It doesn't leave you any where to go after it. You should generally get the biggest single GPU you can afford and then add a second down the road.

    Do you need the monitor in the budget? What about an OS?

    Assuming you already have the monitor and the OS, here's what I'd build with $1,250-1,350 (after the wireless card):

    CPU/Mobo: X4 955 and Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4 $285 after rebate (with free game)
    RAM/PSU: G.Skill Ripjaws 2x2 GB 1600 mhz CAS Latency 7 and Corsair 850W $185 after rebate
    GPU: HD 5970 $680
    HDD: Samung Spinpoint F3 1 TB $75
    Case: HAF 922 $90
    Optical: Cheap SATA DVD burner $18

    Total: $1,333

    If you need to shave some of the costs off, here's what you should change:

    GPU/PSU: HD 5870 and XFX 750W $460 after rebate
    RAM: G.Skill Eco 2x2 GB 1600 mhz CAS Latency 7 $105

    That'll get you down to around $1,000. You could push the CPU to the i5-750 with an Asus P7P55D-E Pro board, but you'd be losing any upgrade path and spending about $100 more.
  2. if you wouldn't be adding a 5970 in the future 460sli provides 5970 performance at a far lower price and temperature with some intresting features which aren't neccesarily useful.
  3. HA! Sorry but two 460's do not equal the pwnage of the 5970 :)
    two 460's equal a GTX480 and the gtx480 is not near the 5970 at all
  4. ^Actually, they do for a 5970 at stock. However, the 5970 will overclock better and leave an upgrade path.

    I should point out that you'll need to switch the board to an SLI board if you choose to stick with nVidia. Most AMD boards won't support it.
  5. yeah true but he will not overclock and if he won't upgrade either it defeats the purpose of a 5970 really. I'd pair 460gtx sli with an i5 750. With an amd chip you get lots of issues with bad chipsets and etc...
  6. By the way, Sapphire's 5970 is back down to $650.

    I would actually take the 5970 over the dual 460 if you're not going to upgrade any further. You could then save money by getting a single PCIe 2.0 slot board (like the Gigabyte GA-770TA-UD3 or ASRock 770 Extreme3). You also be able to get a 650W PSU, which minimizes some of the cost difference. Since not every game supports SLI/Crossfire, that makes the 5970 better even if the game only recognizes a single 5870 core on the card.
  7. yeah true a 5970 may be a better choice on lower end amd boards. If you're going with a decent intel sli board I'd stick with the 460s.
  8. The problem is the difference between the cheap AMD board with the X4 955 and an i5-750 and a good board is easily $150. That's getting pretty close to the price difference between the 5970 and the dual 460s, and I don't see the 460s getting cheaper any time soon while the 5970's price seems to be falling.
  9. An i5 is better though but I think in the end both will be great. The problem I have with a single slot amd board is that It'll probably be less feature rich aswell but that isn't really that much of a con.

    And yeah 460s will get more expensive if anything I think. It's about time 5970s drop. Here in Europe(euros is bassically equal to USD due to the taxes and US being cheaper) 5970s have been at 550-600 for a long time now while the 5850s were slightly under 300. Which is how it should be but in America prices stayed high sadly.

    But overall I think ati is in a bad position now. I mean 470s are 20dollars more orso than 5850 and I'd much rather have the former. Same story for 480s they're only 50 more than the 5870s. Sure they're hot and innefficient but the new generation fermi will make it a thing of the past. And everything surrounding the 200 price range is being dominated by 460s. The only thing that's unrivalled is their 5970. And If nvidia makes a dual 460 card(which looks like a good idea to me) then ati's got a problem. Hopefully they'll lower their prices as a comeback.
  10. You realize that 600 Euros is like $800 right? And the 5970 hasn't stayed the same. When it was released, if you were lucky enough to find one, you'd be paying a good $750-800 for it. Then supply stabilized and it fell to $700. After that, it went down to $680 and is finally down to $650. I don't know if that's where it will stay though.

    The only features the better single slot boards are missing is the second PCIe 2.0 slot. That's pretty much it.

    The i5 is a little more powerful, but the LGA1156 socket is dead. It'll be replaced by the end of the year. The AM3 socket, on the other hand, will be seeing at least one more series of CPUs (Bulldozer), making it more future proof.

    The problem with the other GTX cards is that they're actually underperforming for their price. Couple that with the massive heat they produce (meaning you can't overclock much) and the massive power draws (more money spent on the PSU), and you've got a poor performer. Keep in mind that the 460 is the first Fermi card nVidia has gotten right, and it's in a strange budget range. Basically the only place it makes sense to buy one is in the $700 range (for the entire build). If you're under that, you can't afford it. If you're over it, there are better options.

    Keep in mind that ATI's cards are a good six months older. nVidia had excellent targets, and witht he exception of the 460, they missed. ATI's got a massive head start. While nVidia will want to keep their cards out there without more competition, ATI has already gotten paid off on their new series. That makes ATI more likely to release newer, more powerful cards sooner.
  11. Yeah I know but europe is simply far more expensive for computer electronics. Exept for the european made ones which is bassically senheiser and logitech and that's it. Amazon is the cheapest here in belgium. You can compare prices of the .com and .de and exept for some products(like the 5970) you won't see a large difference between the euros and USD. And I thought the RRP of the 5970 was 600usd?

    It'll probably lack onboard switches and some overclocking features but those are more luxuries I suppose.

    And yeah good point there.

    I always got the feeling they rushed those GF100 chips. The 460s already proved they aren't what they could have been. Proabably due to lots of pressure because of the delays they were having. But now with time to spare I doubt there next products will be as dodgy.

    And yeah they got a pretty good headstart but I doubt they'll be bringing out anything soon to rival 475s and 485s. I think they are in serious trouble now let's hope they prove me wrong.
  12. Somebody_007 said:
    And I thought the RRP of the 5970 was 600usd?

    It hasn't been at that price since...ever. For most of the time it's been available, it's been at/above $700. Only recently has it dropped to $650ish.
  13. I know you could never really buy one for that price. All I'm saying is if it was supposed to be sold at 600 it's not unlikely with all thh nvidia competition now coming up that it's lowered back down to 600. Which is a good thing for us all :D.

    here is link btw stating the RRP,2474.html
  14. I think they said that before they found out how awesome it is. Also, they had no idea nVidia would be so late in getting their cards out the door.

    And yes, nVidia rushed the GF100. They were getting killed and had to do something. Shoving a product that isn't quite ready out the door ASAP was about their only option to stop the bleeding...
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