which graphics card is best of all?

Hello,which graphics card is best of all?
please tell me I need to know. because I have the money to buy one to my brother because he play a lot and i want buy him the best of the best, doesn't matter about the money just tell me please which one is the best of the best in this moment. He has a asus with i7 960 CPU and 12 GB of memory ram ddr3, and his power supply is 1050w I paid a to much for it i remember that lolo
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  1. What is your budget? What is your power supply? What resolution will you be playing at, and what games will you be playing? More info please...
  2. We need more info here... :)
  3. yes is this one asus motherboard
    cpu i7 965
    12gb ram
  4. The best card overall is the HD5970. The best single GPU card is the GTX 480.
  5. The HD 5970 is the fastest GPU currently, it is made from Two underclocked HD 5870 cores. Sapphire has a 4GB "toxic" version which has a 900MHz core, and also higher clocked ram. It has an enormous cooler an is extremely expensive.


    Next year, ATI is releasing the HD 6xxx series graphics cards. Nvidia also has something juicy slated for 2011.

    I wonder how much faster the HD 6xxx series will be over the current generation.
  6. yes is expensive lolololol
  7. thanks ambam

    so, the ATI generation for you, it's the best? for me?
  8. Well the HD5970 is the fastest card and that is what you asked for;

    It also can use "Eyefinity" which is gaming on three monitors at once which is pretty neat if you can afford it;
  9. As we don't know the motherboard, I think it's safe to recommend a 5970, it will max out just about any game.
  10. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814131324

    Most likely the best card in the 5970 range.
  11. el-loco said:
    thanks ambam

    so, the ATI generation for you, it's the best? for me?

    It depends on how much you're willing to spend on a graphics card. What are your other system specs, what power supply and case do you have?
  12. He already said what he is willing to spend(apparently he will spend as much as needed) and that he has a 1050w PSU.
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