SLI or no ?

i have a
4 gb 1600 mhz ram
amd II x4 2.9
550 watt ultra power supply
320 hdd western digital

im curious

would it be better to get

2x 7600 GT OC from tigerdirect for $50

or just use that $50 on something else ?
possibly a different or better card ? idk

if anything i want a videocard for the budget of $50
im pretty sure the onboard radeon hd 4200 is not stronger than the
7600 GT either but idk reply to this please
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  1. lol yeah i know , but the good cards are about $100-200
    what should i do ?
    im on a budget of $50 ha
  2. Then stay with your current card and save some money to get a new card... :)
  3. lol ok then ill stick with the radeon hd 4200 512 mb haha
    thanks alot =]
    i was thinkin about saving
    what do you think is the best card for a budget that
    gives good enough performance ?
  4. Get at least GT240 or HD4670/HD5670, that's around $70-$90...
  5. TD is showing a ddr3 9500gt for 49.99, thats quite a bit higher than what you have now on the gpu hierarchy chart and your first option.,2464-8.html
  6. Now a days, a $50 graphics card isn't worth buying because you'll replace it a month later and could have saved $50 for a night out ;].

    Either save up and get a $100-200 card, or make do with what you already have.

    (ebay can be your friend).
  7. if i decide to get the 4670
    like a 1GB GDDR2

    are some cards that are GDDR2 better than GDDR3 ?

    and if so why ?

    thanks for all the help you guys / girls
  8. ok i recently bouhgt a 9600GSO form newegg for about $50 with tax and shipping included after the rebate :D so you can check that out ill give the .ca and the .com links
  9. i think im going to just save up $ 30 more and get the

    radeon hd4670
  10. ok, you're good with that card. :)
  11. The HD4670 is a good little card for the money, and who knows.. but the time you've saved another $30 maybe a better card will be at that price on ebay or something?
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